Real Life Success Stories - Victory Lane, Ashingdon

Peter's house was immaculate.  He had lived there for the last ten years, over that time had meticulously maintained and improved the property to create a wonderful home.  Sadly, having recently been widowed, he had made the decision that it was now time to move into a...

Inflation - What Property Buyers & Sellers Need To Know:

Anybody who keeps an eye on the news will no doubt have read or heard that inflation is fast becoming the next big problem that the Government are having to contend with. From buying your groceries to filling up your car with petrol, inflation could affect all of us, but will it...


After a period of ill health, the owner of a lovely bungalow had taken the decision to move in with her daughter so she could be looked after in her retirement. She didnt feel well enough to show buyers around her home and felt daunted by the entire process of selling her...

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