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After a period of ill health, the owner of a lovely bungalow had taken the decision to move in with her daughter so she could be looked after in her retirement.

She didnt feel well enough to show buyers around her home and felt daunted by the entire process of selling her bungalow.  She wanted an estate agent who would take care of everything for her.

We met the onwer and came up with a marketing plan that would mean we would deal with all aspects of the marketing allowing her to relax and leave us to deal with viewings, marketing and all aspects of finding a buyer.

After just three weeks we succesfully negoitiated a sale at the full asking price to very happy buyers who had fallen in love with the bungalow.

We then recommended a local solicitor and worked with them to make sure the sale progressed at the pace the seller needed. we collected and dropped off documents and liaised with the buyers solicitor and agent to make sure all parties were aware of what needed to happen and when.

The owner has now exhanged and is very much enjoying her new life being cared for by her daughter.

We love helping people and are experts in matching people to property! If you, or someone you know is considering selling and would like some FREE, no bligation advice why not get in touch?

Untol next time,

Paul Dobbs

Sales Director

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