Looking To Sell Your Home For The First Time In Years?

By Paul Dobbs
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Quite often, we meet sellers who have brought up their families in, what was their forever home and now the kids have moved out the plan is usually to sell up, downsize and release some equity so that they can enjoy retirement and not have the maintenance of a larger home to worry about.

It can be quite a daunting process to move home after such a long time, but within this blog we provide some useful hints and tips to help make that move a little easier:

Have Things Changed Since The Last Time We Moved?

With the arrival of the internet some years ago, the moving process has changed somewhat in more recent years.  Buyers can now scan Rightmove and similar portals to search for properties without leaving their home.  This means it is more important than ever to employ the services of the best estate agent in your area.  Photographs, floor plans and descriptions that stand out are all more vital than ever to capture potential buyer’s imagination to ensure that your home gets the interest you will need for a successful sale. Social media is also something you should ensure your chosen Estate Agent uses effectively as this, if used properly, will be an extremely effective method of marketing your home.

Having said all of that, the basics of selling haven’t altered that much: You still need to ensure that your home is presented well, is clutter free and most importantly of all is priced correctly.  A professional estate agency such as Diggins & Co will be able to advise on all of this and usually will show each seller comparable properties that have and have not sold to ensure that the marketing price is such that it will encourage maximum interest to get you the highest offers the market will allow.

What if I Haven’t Found A New Home To Move To yet?

We are often asked, “Can I sell my home if I haven’t found a new home to buy?”  The answer is always a definite yes!  Many would be sellers make the mistake of trying to find a new property before marketing their existing home.  This will almost always result in disappointment because, as you aren’t yet in a position to proceed, your new home will most probably stay on the market until you do find a buyer meaning somebody else who has already sold will beat you to it.

It is therefore far better to start marketing your own home before you start seriously viewing potential new properties to buy.  That way your estate agent will have the time to market your property fully and hold out for the best buyer at the best price for you.  Once you have secured a buyer you will then find that once you have seen a property you want to buy and an offer is accepted, that home will come off the market in your favour and you can then move forward with a lot less stress.  You may even find that the seller of your new home may take more of an offer if you are in a proceedable position too!

Always remember, by using Diggins & Co Estate Agents in Rochford or Rayleigh, you will only pay our commission if you actually move home, so if the worst happens and you cant find a suitable property then you don’t pay us a penny!

Ready To Sell?

Why not get in touch with us to organise a free valuation of your current property?  We can discuss the current market, the expected value and saleability of your home and even help with your onward purchase too.

Until next time,
Paul Dobbs
Sales Director

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Paul has been successfully selling property locally since 1992 working for both large corporate estate agents and smaller independents where he rose to Area Manager.
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