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By Paul Dobbs
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Are you considering moving home next year? For those of you that are, the logical conclusion to arrive at would be to get Christmas out of the way and then look to market your current home for sale early in the New Year. Then, once a sale has been agreed, look to find your new dream home. 
However, for the smart movers among us, this course of action may not be the one that benefits you most.  Let me explain…

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the property market tends to slow.  Not with buyers, there are always motivated buyers urgently seeking their new home, but what tends to happen each year is that those people looking to put their property on the market hold off, meaning there is a real lack of supply coming to market during these weeks. 

So, looking at this situation logically, if you were to bring your plans forward by just a few weeks and market your property now, there would be far less competition from other sellers, meaning that you can take advantage of the shift in demand and supply in the local market to ensure your home sells more quickly. You may even get a better price. 

Once you have a sale agreed on your home you will then be able to take advantage of a far busier period come January, when the majority of people put their properties on the market.  This will mean that as soon as Christmas and New year is over, there will be a high level of new properties coming to market.  This shift in demand and supply will mean that the market turns once again more in favour of the buyer and therefore you will be able to find your new home quickly and quite possibly agree an offer that you are delighted with as you are one of the few buyers in a position to proceed.

If you are considering moving home in 2024 and would like to know more about how to maximise your properties sale price, why not get in touch for some free, no obligation advice?

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Paul Dobbs
Sales Director

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Paul has been successfully selling property locally since 1992 working for both large corporate estate agents and smaller independents where he rose to Area Manager.
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